Memorial of long time president of OWRMM, Jim Hazzard

Thank you Lord for Jim

Through our grief among those left behind and our pure joy for our brother Jim, that he has gotten his reward to return to his first estate, many of us have found ourselves considering what our time with Jim truly meant.
In this time of loss we have recognized the profound legacy Jim gave us, a testimony that deserves sharing and that cannot and should not be forgotten.
For Pilgrim and I, Jim will always have a special place in our hearts, as it was because of him that we are married today.
God used Jim as the instrument to begin our love song.
For that we are forever grateful. But that was just a tiny part of what Jim was in our lives and many others.
There were times when we could not understand or believe the pressure that he was under, as the leader of our ministry.
He was ready, willing and able to give anyone time to bend his ear or heart, for whatever, their need may have been. Jim's passion for ministry began long before our time with him.
He would regale stories of his times in Tennessee, when God moved him and a ministry, with regular church folks and outlaws alike.
That was Jim's gift, he could mingle with anyone and was happy to share his love of God.
He had a unique ability to gently stand firm when it came to working with people from all different backgrounds.
He was a real man of peace, God's peace, which was not an easy thing when dealing with a multitude of personalities.
Jim's obedience to God's call on his life, kept him strongly centered on his mission to do the work God had called him to do.
Many will attest to his persistence to bring them to their own relationship with the Lord. He would share with joy that when he finally found Jesus, he knew his life had changed forever.
This was what he wanted for everyone he met, if you didn't know Jesus, he was going to make sure that you did.
If you knew Jesus, you needed to learn what He wanted you to do in His service. Jim was the best example of a servant's heart. The Huntridge experience was a great lesson of love and ministry for the One Way Riders.
Although, there had been a time when the group had found a large opportunity for ministry with the homeless and others, there in that parking lot at the old Huntridge theater, God had even bigger plans for the One Way Riders MM.
That's when Pilgrim and I had the privilege to get involved with the group, as ancillary support, as we liked to call it.
We were just getting to know everyone and beginning a fellowship that would leave an indelible mark on our lives. Jim's final ministry was meant to be there, with our group that became the "the church without walls".
Jim's ability to guide and help each one of us to find and share our ability to serve the Lord was blessed by the hallowed ground that dark empty parking lot became.
What started out as a bunch of motorcycles to catch the wandering lost, became a testimony to how God works, with Jim leading the way.
He was a pastor for all the sheep, the ones in the ministry and the ones that came to see what was this all about.
For those who were there to experience our weekly visits, we saw and felt the power of the Holy Ghost.
We all learned about obedience and the true meaning of a ministry to others. There are so many stories to share about our time at Huntridge and miracles that God allowed us to witness.
The friends we made and still cherish and the understanding that in all things there is a season.
Through it all, Jim was there to give us what we needed to stay focused on our work for the Lord.
It was something in our lives that can never be duplicated and will NEVER be forgotten. When a group is together for the Lord, there is nothing better.
It may have even been similar to how the apostles and other servants of God have felt, unfathomable joy as you walk in purpose for Him. This was what Jim represented to us. A leader who rallied the troops, through thick and thin, always remembering who and why we were there, TO SERVE THE LORD AMEN!
I would also like to mention the Jericho Ride and what it meant to Jim. Something he was always happy to remind us, it is ALL ABOUT PRAYER.
That is what the Ride represented, a time to gather, fellowship and PRAY for the city and one another. The perfect way to start each year……IN PRAYER.

Written by Tina Pilgrim


One of the most admirable qualities that Jim had, was a true Christian attitude about the body of Christ.
One Way Riders was not really a motorcycle ministry to Jim, but a ministry to all which included motorcycle riders.
When I began this website I asked Jim about including information on how to respect and minister to the outlaw bikers.
His answer to me was "no need to do that, outlaws are no different than anyone else, and we do not treat them or approach them any differently".
Jim had a quality about him that did not see bikers, homeless, rich, poor, addicts, or any other normally defining attribute.
He saw people for what they truly are, sinners in need of a savior no matter the situation they were currently in.
Jim's love for all people was evident to all who had the opportunity to meet him, and especially for those who spent hours of time with him.
Jim found few people who he could not find unity with, but that unity was not because of compromise.
Jim stood solid on what he knew to be the truth, and had a way to convince you of that truth when disagreements came about.
Jim also had an uncanny way of bringing peace when Satan came to divide the body of Christ.
Now with all of these good words just written, I would be amiss if I did not give ALL of this credit to our Lord Jesus Christ who came into a vile sinner's heart and changed that heart from a heart of stone to a soft tender one.
Jim was hard living outlaw who earned the name "sketch monster" from his fellow outlaws.
Only God through the power of His Holy Spirit can change a sketch monster into a saint of the Most High with a love for God and others instead of himself.
Jim was respected by all in his changed life, respected by fellow Christians, and even those still living as outlaws.
We will miss our dear brother for now, but we will continue in the legacy of love that God gave us through Jim.

Written by Paul Pilgrim


Jesus spoke to his disciples in Matthew 25:23
His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things,
I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.